History of Lowell United Methodist Church in Lowell MichiganLowell UMC

Our Church History

Image of Lowell UMC - Churches in Lowell MichiganLowell United Methodist Church has a long and faithful tradition of serving Jesus Christ and the Lowell community. Lowell UMC was first organized in 1855 and met alternate Sundays in the same red schoolhouse used by the Baptist and the Congregationalist Church. In 1862 the old schoolhouse, with the lots on which it stood, was offered for sale and was bought by the Methodists for $400.00. It was renovated and became the first Methodist church building in Lowell.

The church soon outgrew the little red schoolhouse and in 1868 moved it to the rear of the property and built a new brick building on the corner of E. Main and Division. In 1905 the church also built a parsonage just west of the church.

It has since been sold and moved down to E. Main, and a second parsonage was built in 1993 up the hill just north of the church property. The church building was expanded in 1922, 1962 and 1989 to create more space for fellowship and Christian education.

For over 159 years the people of Lowell UMC have been following Jesus Christ with a focus on worship, Christian education, and missions. It’s a history rich with God’s faithfulness and full of his promises.