Our Vision

Having a vision for your life is important. It gives you direction and purpose. It’s important for faith communities to have a vision also. Our vision at Lowell UMC is based on Jesus’ teaching and his servant life. It’s Discover, Grow and Share. Three simple words, three simple actions. First there is Discover. Our vision and goal as a church is to Discover God and be Discovered by God, Discover what it means to live life on this planet, and Discover what it means to live together as Christian brothers and sisters. Then there is Grow. Our vision and goal is to Grow in our faith through experiencing God and community, Grow with good friends in small groups, and Grow by learning to love as God loves. Finally there is Share. Our vision and goal is to Share life with one another, Share God’s acceptance and compassion within our Lowell hometown, and Share our collected resources for the betterment of our local community and global community. Three simple words; Discover, Grow, Share. That’s our vision. Sound like a vision you could live out? Come join us. All are welcome

What We Believe

As United Methodists, we believe in a triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who has mercy and love for ALL people. We use four guides to understand and explain our faith: Scripture, tradition, reason and experience.

We believe we are part of the Church Universal (the world-wide Church) and that we, along with other Christian denominations, are authentic witnesses of God through Jesus Christ.

We practice baptism, and in baptism we acknowledge and celebrate the grace of God, freely offered to all of us. In baptism we confess our sin and brokenness, accept membership in the family of Christ, and vow to trust in and serve Jesus Christ. Baptism is the public sign of God’s covenant with us. It is a communal celebration; the church family vows to nurture and support those being baptized. We believe baptism may occur at any age, infant or adult. When infants are presented for baptism, parents and the entire church pledge to surround the children with Christian care and teaching until the children profess and confirm their faith for themselves when older.

We practice Holy Communion every first Sunday of the month and believe that Communion is a way to remember who Jesus is and what Jesus has done. We also believe that when we drink the bread and juice together that God moves within us offering us mercy, healing and power to live a life of love and service that we are called to live. We practice an “Open Table” at Holy Communion where all persons are welcome regardless of age or background as they seek to follow Christ and live in peace with their neighbor.

We believe faith is necessary for the Christian Life and is received through God’s grace and is seen and experienced through acts of service and mercy. Faith without works does not exist. We seek an action-based faith rather than just a belief-based faith.

We welcome you wherever you are on your faith journey, and we invite you to grow spiritually toward full humanity through the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We encourage you to become an active part of our faith community through your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.